Jessica Garfield-Kabbara – “Trusting Psyche: A Dialogical Inquiry into the Archetypal Depths of Our Moment”

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Garfield-Kabbara – “Trusting Psyche: A Dialogical Inquiry into the Archetypal Depths of Our Moment”

  1. Thankyou Jessica & co.. for giving voice to Psyche, who lives within us all… And all this talk also reminded me of my experiences with the Insight program I attended in 1998, ie. the Awakening Heart series of experiential & group-process work.. Creating a safe environment & teaching us the wisdom of opening the heart & to trust the inner Voice within.. Yes, & teaching us to become aware of our judgement & shame, of ourselves & of others.. Then taking up the study of astrology & the tarot etc et al in Sept 2000.. And, recently starting my life-astro-oracle blog in Sept 2007, titled “Whatsitallmeanthen”.. And, as a “Child of the mid 1960’s”.. ie. from the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction, now reemphasised with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square.. along with also being a long time student of astrology & reading the signs & synchronicities in the world etc since about mid 2000.. Yes, I am feeling the full force of the changes in the Collective at this time, like many others no doubt.. While I also then note the Sabian symbols for the Ascendant at my location the moment I began listening to this talk.. And, of course this being, as yet another revelation from Psyche or Soul, subtly synchronising & symbolising as in a mirror, subtly revealing what this talk is all about.. While I also note the symbols for the Ascendant once again at this time, beginning at *1degAri.. A WOMAN JUST RISEN FROM THE SEA. A SEAL IS EMBRACING HER.. Emergence of new forms & of the possibility of the potentiality of Consciousness.. While also having just moved from the previous degree, at *30degPis.. A MAJESTIC ROCK FORMATION RESEMBLING A FACE IS IDEALISED BY A BOY WHO TAKES IT AS HIS IDEAL OF GREATNESS, & AS HE GROWS UP, BEGINS TO LOOK LIKE IT.. The power of clearly visualised ideals to mold the life of the visualiser.. While also moving towards the next degree, at *2degAri.. A COMEDIAN REVEALS HUMAN NATURE.. The capacity to look objectively at Oneself & at others…..

    **All this with *the Aries Ascendant along with my *Sol-Arc Juno in Aries & my *prog Ceres in Aries.. in my 11th house.. all closely aligned at the focal point of a ‘Yod’ with my natal Virgo Part of Fortune.. in my 4th house.. along with my *Sol-Arc Mars-Pluto in Scorpio.. in my 7th house.. while all also closely trine.. semi-sextile & square my *Sol-Arc Leo Nth Node along with *Lilith in Leo.. in my 3rd house.. while all also closely sextile.. part of a ’Yod’ with.. square & opposing my *Sol-Arc Uranus in Aquarius.. in my 9th house.. while…. meanwhile *the Leo Moon.. in my 4th house.. also closely sextile my *Sol-Arc Libra Part of Fortune along with *Mars in Libra.. in my 6th house.. while all also closely sextile & trine my *Sol-Arc Gemini Ascendant along with my *prog Jupiter in Gemini.. in my 2nd house.. while all also forming a ‘Yod‘ with & square my *prog Saturn® in Pisces.. in my 11th house.. while all also closely square.. semi-sextile.. inconjunct & trine my *prog Neptune® in Scorpio along with my *prog Scorpio Moon.. in my 7th house….

    And, here’s the link to my blog, at And, meanwhile all this with my *prog beginning its long journey through the sign of the great Cosmic Mother, & entering my natal 3rd house, 16 years ago.. While also more recently immersing myself in the myths & stories of Fate & Destiny by Michael Meade, & then more recently of listening to Richard talking about James Hillman & archetypal psychology etc.. And all this with my *prog Cancer Sun, also forming a ‘grand water trine’ with my natal Saturn in Pisces, along with my natal Neptune® in Scorpio, in my 7th house…..

    NB: Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s book ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & Its 360 Symbolic Phases’..

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