Behind the Scenes with the filmmakers of “The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People”

PCC Forum Flyer the future of energy


One thought on “Behind the Scenes with the filmmakers of “The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People”

  1. This was a great, and inspiring discussion. I have a few questions that I’ve decided to give voice to in response to Max highlighting , ‘due to the microchip [technology]….and solar panels beings cheaper than coal… electric is the future.’

    I understand the urgency for us to adopt a sustainable, renewable energy system, however I am hesitant to make a blind-leap into the next system, not fully understanding all its implications(resources, production/manufacturing, labor, etc). I hope that in creating new “renewable” energy system, one which is increasingly being supported by the same fossil fuel money, not to mention subject to the same corrupt network of lobbying/politics and the market we are not missing “the window of opportunity” for an even more radical shift in energy.

    Also I’m curious as to how it serves the truly revolutionary principles behind Free/Radiant/Tesla energy? I also find myself wondering The way I see it is we have two primary routes available to us right now. One is focused on sustainability, yet reliant upon the current industrial model, and the other is based in independence, sovereignty and an entirely new way of understanding of energy.
    And if we are truly trying to create an energy system for a new paradigm, it seems that most “renewable” energy still falls within the confines of the capitalist system, with its primary condition that the endless accumulation of wealth is possible, is far from “renewable”, or sustainable. These are just some questions I have- look forward to the seeing the documentary and wish us all the best of luck. Great work.

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