“Mundane Astrology and Cosmic Hierarchy” – Vladimir Lobotka

 PCC Forum

Join us Friday, April 20th at 6:30pm in room 607

For a presentation by Vladimir Lobotka

Mundane Astrology and Cosmic Hierarchy: An Outline of Possible Synthesis of the Tarnasian and Wilberian Cosmos


When reflecting upon the contemporary “new paradigm scene” formed by the thinkers trying to forge a new cosmology that could help to unify all the seemingly incompatible postmodern streams into a new, meaningful perspective, we can see a distinct polarity between the thinkers accentuating the archetypal dynamics and the thinkers explicitly focusing on capturing the hierarchical structure of reality. Both perspectives bring crucial components of the new story, and simultaneously, both these partial perspectives remain relatively separated from each other. I would like to present the last chapters of my thesis The Crisis of Our Era: Its Historical Roots, Implications and Possible Solution, where I propose an outline of a basis that could embrace the merits of both aforementioned approaches by weaving them into a more complex perspective.


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