Jesse Estrin – “Depression, Soul, and Growing Down in a Manic Culture”


4 thoughts on “Jesse Estrin – “Depression, Soul, and Growing Down in a Manic Culture”

  1. I just ran across Jesse Estrin’s video on Youtube. Hermes playing tricks again. Beautiful presentation on depression. I am wanting to write a paper on depression being unavoidable in early recovery from addiction. I hope to follow PC forum on going in the future.


  2. Thankyou Jesse..

    My younger brother has attempted suicide, or threatened to kill hiimself a number of times, suffering from deep depression for many years.. along with or coinciding with his dealing with his being gay, growing up in a homophobic world.. And he very interestingly, or archetypallly was born on the day Martin Luther King was assasinated with the Aries Sun almost exactly aligned with Saturn in Aries, & the Aries Nth Node of the Moon!!! But somehow, he has survived for many years, despite all this.. with years of on & off again counselling & support groups, with alcohol & gambling being largely an escape valve in not knowing how to deal with & understand the deeper depressive forces of the psyche.. While I allso showed him Jessica’s talk on “Trusting Psyche”.. Yes, we are all still living in a superficially oriented adolescent “material” world still struggling to deal with & even acknowledge the deeper wisdom of the descent, or “the Fall,” except in a superficial kind of manic way.. Yes, Saturn & dealing with the depressive descent into Soul.. as Hillman wrote of so well… Yes, “Life is psychological, & the purpose of life is to make psyche of it”.. While I have also listened to many talks by Michael Meade on the same ideas, of coming to terms with our Fate & Destiny, & needing to connect with the unique voice of our own Soul.. And of course there is negative & positive expressions of each of the planetary Gods & archetypes.. I also have been writing a blog since Sept 2007 titled “Whatsitallmeanthen”.. being a 9th house “disseminating” Capricorn Moon, trine my 2nd house Taurus Sun, conjunct Jupiter-Venus in Gemini, & the Gemini Nth Node.. And, also square my Aries Ascendant.. Yes, the Gods have become diseases.. Yes, we are are indeed psycholgically impoverished.. Yet there are more & more that seem to becoming more aware of the deeper underlying purpose of psyche or Soul.. And the need to “do the work” on our own inner “lead,” in & through the archetype of Saturn….

    Thanks for giving voice to Psyche..

  3. Thanks Carole.. yes we are never alone, even though we can certainly feel that way at times.. While also rather interestingly this reminds me of the Sabian symbols for the transiting Libra Nth Node of the Moon at this time, coinciding with a Total Lunar Eclipse yesterday, at 25-26 degrees Libra, almost exactly aligned with transiting Ceres(r) in Libra.. And so here are the symbols for the transiting Nth Node of the Moon at this time, beginning at *28degLib.. AN INDIVIDUAL BECOMING AWARE OF SPIRITUAL FORCES SURROUNDING & ASSISTING THEM.. The realisation, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, & that the “Community” – visible or invisible – is sustaining one’s efforts..

    While the following symbol also reads, at *29degLib.. MANKIND’S VAST & ENDURING EFFORT TO REACH FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFERABLE FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION.. A deep sense of participation in, & commitment to, Social processes which seek to bring to all people Truth & a greater Life..

    While also noting the symbol for the previous degree, showing where all this is coming from, at *27degLib.. AN AIRPLANE SAILS, HIGH IN THE CLEAR SKY.. A Consciousness able to transcend the conflicts & pressures of the personal life..

    This picture symbolises the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the “stress of existence” in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of one’s mind, backed by the efforts & struggles of past generations & the cooperation of other men & women, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems & reach freedom & peace in a supernal realm of being..

    This second stage symbol contrasts with the first, at Libra 26, “An Eagle & a Large White Dove Change Into Eachother” – for while the first symbol dealt with the cooperation between polarised energies, this one introduces us to the realm of unity beyond polarity. It is a stage of TRANSCENDENT REALISATION…..

    **NB: Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s book ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & Its 360 Symbolic Phases’…..

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