“Elemental Process Philosophy” – Caleb Grayson


3 thoughts on ““Elemental Process Philosophy” – Caleb Grayson

  1. I’m a religion-and-science PhD. I recently started looking for materials relating Whitehead’s process cosmology (or related cosmologies) to astrology. Can you point me to any book or paper publications?

  2. i do not know of any other than than the work i’ve done. most of the info i’ve written is here:

    i also have a paper on Elemental Process if you’d like me to send it to you.

    essentially, I extracted out of astrology a philosophical structure i call Elemental Theory. I then applied ET to Whitehead’s theory of concrescence.

    one way i saw the connection to astrology was to see planets as actual occasions that are indicators of the phase of process of the archetype to which they are connected.
    (not all actual occasions are physical. thus archetypes can be considered to go through process. planetary archetypes have the specialness of a physical expression that we can see and measure.
    planets are far less effective on ‘us’ than you or your dog, however they are the most predictable of all societies of actual occasions because of their radical consistency and thus perfect for study.)

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