The Shape of Thought to Come: Askesis and the Future of Philosophy with Adam Robbert

The final PCC Forum for the fall semester will be on Thursday, December 8th at 6:00pm (PT) on zoom, featuring a presentation by PCC doctoral candidate Adam Robbert, on The Shape of Thought to Come: Askesis and the Future of Philosophy. (Look for the zoom link below the flyer.) In his work, Pierre Hadot recovers the central role of askesis,... Continue Reading →

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Tuning, Caring for, and Recollecting the Soul in Socrates’ Swansongs, with Prof. Jack Bagby

What does music have to do with the mysteries of life, death, and the soul’s journey after death? In Plato's Phaedo, almost everything! This extraordinary dialogue takes place before and at the time of Socrates’ death, and draws together musical metaphors, allusions to mystical rites of initiation, and mythological archetypes in order to understand both the soul and the... Continue Reading →

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Evolution & the Morphology of Consciousness with Ashton Arnoldy

Does consciousness evolve? What do we mean by “evolution” in this regard? And what about “consciousness”? Are evolutionary accounts of human culture inherently colonial? Is a history of consciousness distinct from a history of ideas? I will attempt to grapple with these questions, clarify terms, and, thinking with the philosopher Owen Barfield, describe a potential depoliticized (aspirational!) approach for studying the historical morphology of human consciousness,... Continue Reading →

Deipsychology: A Transhuman Species Psychology for our Shamanic Future, with Dr. Alex Brezinski In this talk, Dr. Alex Brezinski will be discussing the development of his unique participatory approach to transpersonal psychology and cosmology. He will be discussing his doctoral and post-doctoral research into nonordinary states of consciousness, the worlds disclosed in these states, and the nonphysical Allies inhabiting these worlds. Alex will share his personal journey... Continue Reading →

Bioregionalism: Connecting and Activating Generations

PCC FORUM AND IMPACT@CIIS PRESENT:  Bioregionalism:  Connecting and Activating Generations with special guests Planet Drum Foundation and Terran Collective  September 3rd, 2020 5-6:30pm PDT   Bioregionalism is about getting to know a place and its myths, mysteries, terrain, history, relationships, culture, and ecological processes. Numerous visionaries and scholars have written that the bioregion presents a manageable... Continue Reading →

Re-imagining My Human Self Through the PCC Journey and Beyond, with Linda Dayem-Kealey As the PCC mission affirms, we need to reimagine the human species as a mutually enhancing member of the Earth community. As part of this, we must reimagine the relationships between humans and other-than-human beings. Indigenous ontologies are based on a reciprocal relationship between humans and animals, plants, rivers, rocks, etc., but the Western,... Continue Reading →

Gimme Shelter: Reflections and Strategies for Our Current World Transits

Thursday, 4/16  7pm PDT   The present convergence of planets has been anticipated by astrologers with some trepidation for many years. The Saturn-Pluto cycle in particular corresponds to profoundly challenging, character-defining periods in history. But this time Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars are all involved as well, with the five-planet interaction suggesting very powerful and complex archetypal... Continue Reading →

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