Adam Robbert: “The Side View”

PCC Forum: October 4th, 2018: The Side View is about the knowledge and intuition we use to navigate the world. It’s about how we come to be skillful perceivers and doers, people who know, in the moment, the right details to attend to and the right responsive action to take. In this sense, The Side... Continue Reading →


Laura Pustarfi: “To Know a Tree”

PCC Forum September 20th, 2018: How do our relationships with non-humans affirm our humanity? Trees are compelling others as they are often both older and larger that humans with a very different form of livingness, and they exist around us in innumerable ways not only in forests and lining streets, but in our products, metaphors,... Continue Reading →

Josh Mantz: “The Truth About Trauma”

PCC Forum September 6th, 2018:  Former  Army  Major and current PCC Masters student Josh  Mantz  was shot  and killed by an enemy sniper in Baghdad, only to be miraculously revived after his heart stopped for a full  15  minutes. Despite  surviving  this experience,  Josh  found that  his  greatest battle  would be an internal one as he struggled to find meaning  in ... Continue Reading →

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